Our trio of meeting spaces can be used separately or combined. Individually, the meeting rooms range in size between 70 and 84 sq m, but all three can open up to form a huge 245 sq m conferencing venue.

Elevate 1 70 Sq m
Elevate 2 84 Sq m
Elevate 3 70 Sq m

We have hosted a range of clients from banking and finance to the automotive and manufacturing industries, marketing teams, luxury and retail guests. Whatever your business requirement, we are equipped for small, medium and large events.

Our catering team can provide a wide range of food and beverage packages, including halal, vegetarian and vegan options.

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Features Include:

  • Room Size Rooms range in size from 70-84 square meters (combined capacity of 245 square meters)
  • balcony.png Flexible seating options (banquet, classroom, U-shaped)
  • ocean-views.png Built on the 13th floor (views of Burj Al Arab)
  • smart-tv.png Equipped with built-in projectors, music and TV broadcasting, AV control system, wireless touch panels and microphones
  • wifi.png Complimentary Wi-Fi
  • refreshments.png Custom cocktail and banquet options available

Elevate meeting rooms on the 13th floor may be combined in a variety of sizes.

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Please note that we have a booking limit of 10 nights. Please contact us for more nights

Please note that we have a booking limit of 10 adults. Please contact us for group bookings

Please note that we have a booking limit of 5 children.